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MOANANO oil is a brands of MOANA JSC specializes in importing base oils and additives to Vietnam market.
With the capital investment and technology support of NANO TECHNOLOGY U.S.A at the beginning of 2016, NANO factory officially commenced operations in the first quarter of 2017.


We have more than 16 Factory on the world focus to supply all lubricant products in location.


MOANANO is a Global Brand of NANO TECHNOLOGY U.S.A GROUP, we have 200 human Resource in our office.

Office Building

The company is well equipped with modern machinery which is able to meet

Virgin Base Oil

Virgin Base Oil SN 150

Virgin Base Oil SN 150 is base oil categorized in group I is the common quality base oil product of ATDM which use in different applications

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Virgin Base Oil SN 500

Virgin Base Oil SN 500 is base oil categorized in group I is the common quality base oil product of ATDM which use in different applications in the industry.

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Virgin Base Oil SN 650

Virgin Base Oil SN 650 is base oil categorized in group I is the common quality base oil product of ATDM which use in different applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a nano technology?

NANO TECHNOLOGY USA engine oil enhancer is penetrates the surface of the metal and the metal friction by combining molecular process it delft is extremely strong and smooth than the previous metal hardness metal nano to form a film, …..

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What is a property from Nano Technology?

Increase of engine power by decreasing the coefficient of friction 99% of it. More than 30 times increase in the expected life pan of engine oil by prevention of producing the impurities…….

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What is a benefit when we used?

Reduction of oil exchange cost because of the increased period of oil use more than……

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How many time we can to change your lubricants products?

Each Products we show to you that time and kilometer in used, Lubricant Products used for truck then from 7.000 Km to 10.000 Km each change oil. Lubricant Products used for Container Truck from 10.000 Km to 20.000 Km each change oil….

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About Us

Who We Are?​

We are lubricants professional, We made all lubricants with MOANANO brand and supplying to all the world, and focus us slogan is a make for your value. We love you.

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Our Mission​​

This mission is based on five core values of creativity, Innovation, excellence, cooperation and passion..

Who We Area

We provide full and specific solutions

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Our Testimonials

Fast service: from confirmation to delivery very quickly for us to use. The product quality is over excellent. We love MOANANO Lubricant

Excellent quality: longer oil change cycle, more active for maintenance work, the engine runs smoothly when accelerating and heavy loading. Now we used only MOANANO NYX TURBO Lubricants..

Good price: the product is great but the price is very good, we save costs for our company. We love MOANANO Lubricants.

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Tel: +44 (0)16 1457 7150

Head Office: NEO, 4th Floor, 9 Charlotte Street, Manchester M1 4ET, UK

Email: info@moanano.com

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